How I Met Your Mother

Every couple wants that perfect story of how they met. Well, Ted Mosby is in this show sharing how he met his kids' mother, and he has done so now for five seasons. The story takes place in New York where he and his two friends, Marshall and Lily, live. After some time in NY he also meets Barney who's only reason to live is women and how to catch them in different bizarre ways. Ted also falls in love with Robin who sticks with the gang through the show. These five people are what makes How I Met Your Mother so funny, everything they go through together leads us one step closer to how Ted met the love of his life. Things are revealed about their pasts and they all have an unexpected past.

How I Met Your Mother is the motherlode of Comedy, excuse the expression. It is my all-time favorite comedy and I don't know anyone who's watched the show and haven't told me "Oh, my God, Barney is awesome!", if you want to know why, well watch the show. You will love the charachters if you just give it a few episodes, and you really should. I stream it on Ninjavideo.

Here is a link to one scene which I love, I hope it makes sense even though you haven't watched the show: LINK
Robin in the show is canadian and of course the americans have to joke about that. LINK and you just live to see things like this LINK.

I give How I Met Your Mother 5/5. You should really watch this one. Give it at least 4 episodes and I know you'll love it.


All around the world ordinary people recieve extraonrdinary abilities. They do not know what is happening to their bodies but all of a sudden they can do amazing things they'd only dreamt of before. But as random as it seems, these mutations, some of the lucky ones have to be "bad guys". So naturally the "good" people with abilities have to stop the bad ones from destroying everything we now know. That's Heroes, the fight between good and evil even if the lines aren't always that clear. Senators who can fly, a rich man's son who can travel in time and a cheerleader who can't be hurt. Of course there are many more powers and most of them intriguing.

Heroes has so far got 4 seasons divided in 5 volumes mainly because of the strike in LA 2008, which led to a quick finish of volume three before the season was done. It has been very popular and still is. There are many really good actors in Heroes, my favorites are Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet and Zachary Quinto as Sylar, but almost all of them are really good and have developed their acting abilities during the show. I stream it on Ninjavideo of course.

Everyone should try Heroes no matter what age you are. It is really a worthy show, even though the first season clearly was the best they now have found back I think in season four. I will definitely follow this one to the end!

I give Heroes 4/5. The first season is awesome in every way but since the others season hasn't been as good it gets a minus. I hope that the show goes on though...



Eureka is a town in Oregon, US where the US government has placed all the best scientists to develop their research. Jack Carter, a US marshall, gets stuck in Eureka due to a car accident and he discovers an odd world of science which he's never seen before. Carter helps the citizens of Eureka to find a missing boy and gets transferred there to work as the sheriff. At first he's got it hard to adapt. He has a talking/thinking house, he's only surrounded by people with PhD's and there are rarely any crimes, only experiments that's gone wrong and sometimes threat the entire planet. He finally gets settled and his daughter Zoe comes to live with him and what better education could his otherwise troubled daughter get?

Eureka is a good show and I watched all 3 seasons in less than a week. The only problem with Eureka would be that it sometimes is a little bit too goofy. It's perfect for a family to watch this together and even if there is a main plot keeping the seasons together you can always miss one episode once in a while. The music in Eureka is great, I love the main theme. Colin Ferguson who plays Jack Carter is awesome. Jack makes jokes, cries and is generally a good guy but a control freak. Without Colin Ferguson I think Eureka wouldn't have lasted more than 2 seasons maximum. It will have it's 4th season's premiere this summer. All actors are good but no one is as outstanding as Colin Ferguson. Of course I stream this show on Ninjavideo.

I will give Eureka 3/5. It is a good show and I will keep watching it untill the end but it doesn't deserve more. Everyone should give this one a try though, I think it's a very likeable show.



I am as you may have noticed working myself downwards my list of tv-shows I am reqularly watching and I am so glad that it's time for Dexter!

Dexter is my favorite tv-series of all times, I think... It is any how awesome. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer. You love Dexter Morgan. Ergo you love a serial killer.

Dexter lives in Miami, he has a girlfriend named Rita. The thing with Dexter is that he doesn't really have emotions like we "normal" people normally have. On his spare-time he kills criminals who's escaped the law and during the days he works at the forencics department of the Miami Metro Homocide preventing criminals from escaping the law. He's the blood guy. He was adopted very young and through the adoption he got a sister called Deb. She works as a police at Homocide as well. The first season main plot is about a serial killer, the Ice-truck Killer, who takes interest in Dexter and never leaves blood at the crime-scenes but instead he leaves Dexter clues. It is a very intriguing season.

The second season is also very good and you never know what to expect. The third season is also good but not as good as the other two. Right now we're in the middle of the fourth season which is maybe the best one so far. I will not tell you about the 2nd, 3rd or 4th season if you do not ask because I think you should start of with the first and just ride with it.

Dexter is based on the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" written by Jeff Lindsay. Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter got a difficult role to play, being a serial killer who doesn't really have emotions but still has to fake emotions to survive in an emotional world. Michael C. Hall does a great job and interprets the charachter so realistically that Michael C. Hall becomes Dexter. This is a show everyone has to watch but beware there are blood and body parts. I stream this show on Ninjavideo of course.

I give Dexter 5/5 without hesitating. It has lasted for 4 seasons and I will never get tired of good ol' Dexter.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a great show, it has drama, action and comedy all in one. The show is about Walter who is a high school teacher in chemistry but he's diagnosed with cancer. He thinks that he hasn't got long to live so he wants to make sure his family, his wife and son, has enough money to manage after his passing. He also meets a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, who failed in chemistry and now is selling drugs. Walter teams up with Jesse and they start making their own drugs, crystal meth.

Cranston who is playing Walter is doing his job so well that he is to be compared with Michael C. Hall as Dexter. One of the best actors in a tv-series I've ever seen. Breaking Bad has had two seasons so far but since the second season was better than the first I have high hopes for this one. Everyone is doing excactly what they should, actor-wise. Oh, here's a twist, his brother-in-law works for the DEA.

I think this is a must-see show and it works for all ages as well. And since the third season is coming up in march it's a good time to start now so you'll be ready for it when it hits you. I stream this show on Ninjavideo.

I give Breaking Bad 4/5 thanks to great acting and great plot but the show may get boring but if you just stick with it you'll get through the rough patches.

Bored To Death

Bored to Death is a peculiar tv-show hence it's charm. It tells us the story of a failed writer, Jonathan Ames, who's girlfriend leaves him. Therefor he starts a new path, he puts up an ad acting like a private detective. The only thing is, that he isn't really, he's only read detective novels. In any case he gets a lot of "cases" on his hands and he does his best to solve them. He smokes pot with his friends and lives quite a sad life which gets spiced up a bit by this detective side-thingy.

A big plus for this show is the actors, who are really doing their parts great. The down-side is the plots which aren't that great. I follow Bored to Death mainly when I have nothing else to do and also because I've already started so I'm thinking why not. All in all, it's a pleasant show but not good nor bad. I follow it streaming on Ninjavideo.

I give Bored to Death 3/5 where one of the points is for the really good Pilot and two for the actors. But it misses one point for lacking good plots and one for missing to bind the episodes together.


Better Off Ted

This is how it works: I will tell you what I think about this series and why you should watch it. I will do this with all series I am actively watching. I will also tell you where you can stream it if I know a good site.

Better off Ted is one of the funniest comedy-shows I've seen so far. The thing is that I accidentally fell into the first episode on Ninjavideo which is the main website where I stream. Actually I didn't have any series to watch so I just decided to try Better Off Ted out. A wise choice!

Better off Ted is about Ted who is a development manager at a department of Veridian Dynamics, a corporation developing products designed and researched by themselves. Two of the researchers Lem and Phil are two nerds who are very aware of being nerdy and accepts it. They're kind of a couple, not totally unlike JD and Turk in Scrubs. Veronica who is the boss of Ted is one of the funniest charachters I've seen in a show, maybe she's a bit too much sometimes but I think not. She delivers evil humor and insensitivity combined with indifference. Linda works for Ted and she and him has a romance going on but not the annoying kind. Linda is crazy and even though you often get annoyed with the crazy blonde you really like Linda because she's a really good actor. Then of course we have Ted who is always trying to bring sanity to the department but has a cute boy charm and his jokes are perfect every time. Rose, Ted's daughter, is not like in many series annoying but just very smart and cool. She's awesome.

This was my first review of a tv-show so you'll have to excuse the lack of expertise.
But finally I'd like to say, Watch Better Off Ted, you won't regret it!

I give Better Off Ted 4/5, it should be a 5 but it has only had one season and I want to know if it will keep on delivering.

Tv-series I've watched so far

I will now post a long list of tv-shows that I've watched and these shows will mainly be the item for writing, until I've discovered new ones and/or people suggests new. I will divide it into two groups, one with the shows I've watched one or more seasons and series I've watched until the end of the show. The other group will be the shows I follow right now and therefor these will be more important for my blog.

Group One:
  • 24
  • Eli Stone
  • Friends
  • Jericho
  • Kyle XY
  • Life
  • Prison Break
  • The Sarah Silverman Program
  • The X-Files
  • Band of Brothers
  • Death Note
  • Extras
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Kvarteret Skatan
  • The Sopranos
  • The Wire
Group two:
  • Better Off Ted
  • Bored To Death
  • Breaking Bad
  • Dexter
  • Eureka
  • Heroes
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Lost
  • Merlin
  • Scrubs
  • Smallville
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Office (US)
  • True Blood
  • Two and a Half Men
  • V
So if there are any shows you think I should add to group two just comment and I will give it a try. That's all folks!

What this is about!

Hello and welcome,

my name is Julius and the reason I'm starting to blog is that I'm obsessed with tv-series and films. I'm quite sure many of you out there can relate and nowadays it seems as if everytime I don't know what to do i watch tv-series. So, I wanted to put this obsession to use.

The meaning of this blog will be discussion and information about tv-series. You decide which ones and I of course have my tv-series that I will write about. Besides, I want people to suggest good tv-series, explain what they're about and if I think the series sounds good I will watch it and probably write about it. Always if you have any questions you can post comments and surely I or someone else can answer them.

In my blog I will give you tips about where you can watch tv-series online (streaming, which I do mainly) or where you can find information about air-dates of shows. The blog will, as you might suspect after reading this far, mostly be about tv-series but I will sometimes write about movies as well so if you have suggestions or questions about movies we will work it out!

This will be my first blog and also I am from Sweden so you'll have to excuse my English and inability to write a blog. That's all folks!