How I Met Your Mother

Every couple wants that perfect story of how they met. Well, Ted Mosby is in this show sharing how he met his kids' mother, and he has done so now for five seasons. The story takes place in New York where he and his two friends, Marshall and Lily, live. After some time in NY he also meets Barney who's only reason to live is women and how to catch them in different bizarre ways. Ted also falls in love with Robin who sticks with the gang through the show. These five people are what makes How I Met Your Mother so funny, everything they go through together leads us one step closer to how Ted met the love of his life. Things are revealed about their pasts and they all have an unexpected past.

How I Met Your Mother is the motherlode of Comedy, excuse the expression. It is my all-time favorite comedy and I don't know anyone who's watched the show and haven't told me "Oh, my God, Barney is awesome!", if you want to know why, well watch the show. You will love the charachters if you just give it a few episodes, and you really should. I stream it on Ninjavideo.

Here is a link to one scene which I love, I hope it makes sense even though you haven't watched the show: LINK
Robin in the show is canadian and of course the americans have to joke about that. LINK and you just live to see things like this LINK.

I give How I Met Your Mother 5/5. You should really watch this one. Give it at least 4 episodes and I know you'll love it.


  1. I watched it a couple of times and it is funny. But I can't stand Neil Patrick Harris and his alter ego Barney. I don't know why, but he gets on my nerves.

  2. Hey I'm looking forward to seeing some new posts from you! I took your advice and have been watching past Dexter episodes - I'm addicted! A new favourite show for me! Hope all is well.

  3. Hello again!

    I'm sorry I haven't posted in long while, but I do not have a lot of time right now... But soon I will make a new post, and right now I am creating a webpage for myself which is taking up quite some time.

    It makes me so happy that you tried Dexter out and that you like it. I promise I'll give you more advices soon as I have the time again.

    Thank you!


  4. Sounds good! Looking forward to it! Good luck with your website!